KS Chicken Collagen Soup

One of the conglomerate product under KS brand. Made using our top rated KS Chickens, this savory KS Chicken Collagen Soup is simmered to perfect sweetness, appetizing nourishment suitable from young to old. To make a bowl of collagen soup, a group of dedicated food tester assembled to cook and innovate using the classic recipes handed down. With multiple attempts and exploration, a warm, hearty KS Chicken Collagen Soup is what you can get with 8 hours of brewing effort.

Using only the fine ingredients to extract and create the purest collagen within a chicken, every packet is flavorful and rich with natural collagen which is ideal for steamboat soup base. From premium cuisine to home-made delicacy, a packet of KS Chicken Collagen Soup is all you need to unleash your culinary skills.

Made affordable to the public with distinctive quality, KS Chicken Collagen Soup is undoubtedly a proud produce from local chicken’s supplier.


Features and Review

by C***.
Nice soup base for steamboat or noodle. Will definitely order again

by Melina C.
Nice for soups and it makes it thick versus thin stock that is watery

by *****327
Tried it with steamboat and it taste delicious. Not too salty and it is easy to prepare. Will definitely recommend and buy again.

by Derrick L.
Nice soup, not too salty and not too oily. Collagen texture is thick. Will buy again.

by Tan C.
Nice and not salty. Convenience pack!


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Where to Buy?


  1. How to cook KS Chicken Collagen Soup?
    Pour frozen content into pot directly, no defrost required. You may try without adding water first then add water according to your liking and dishes and bring to boil.
  2. Is it halal?
    This item is not halal certified.
  3. Where can I buy?
    You can purchase at Shopee, Qoo10, RedMart, Amazon, Kee Song Online and LazMall and FoodPanda. Only available online.
  4. Shelf life
    1 year from production date, see expiry date at the packaging
  5. Ingredients and allergen
    Water, Chicken, Onion, Carrot, Salt. No source of allergen
  6. Serving suggestion
    Serving per packaging: 2


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